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Government Admission

DO NOT USE THIS TICKET TYPE UNLESS YOU ARE A FEDERAL EMPLOYEE. We're in DC and we want a representative blend of attendees for our area. If you're an employee of the Federal Government, please register with this ticket type using your .gov or .mil email address. If you're a federal contractor, use General Admission so we can keep tickets available for our public servants. If you are not a federal employee and you register using this ticket, we will cancel your ticket, issue a refund, and add you to the General Admission waitlist based on when you registered. So, hey, if you're thinking about it, just save us the trouble and click "Waitlist Me" for General Admission.

Standard (No Longer Available) $100.00 Waitlist Me
General Admission

General admission ticket for DevOpsDays DC 2015.

Standard (No Longer Available) $100.00 Waitlist Me
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DevOpsDays DC

Whether you're in government, academia, or the private sector, DevOpsDays is for you.

Whether you're in operations, development, QA, security, or any other department, DevOpsDays is for you.

Whether you want to learn about DevOps, share your experiences, or just talk shop with DevOps practitioners, DevOpsDays is for you.

Join us this June for DevOpsDays DC!

All attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers at our conference are required to follow the Conference Code of Conduct.

Send an email to devopsdays-dc-2015-registration@googlegroups.com if you have any questions or issues regarding registration, including if you need to cancel your ticket. We'll be happy to cancel your ticket and issue a refund (OK, we won't really be happy about it -- you won't be coming) as long as you let us know no later than June 8, 2015.

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